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Build - Learn - Code - Play

The PiBot workshop experience is two hours of engaging fun.

We provide two kinds of workshops. The BrightSparks Workshop is for young people and parents whilst our Pi-oneer Workshop is targeted at adults.

We're offering workshops in Northern California as well as most major cites in the UK.

What's Involved in the Workshop Experience

The 2 hour experience is designed to be engaging and fun whilst teaching useful skills/knowledge about technology at the same time. The workshop format and duration can be customized for individual groups though a suggested format can be seen below:

  • Introduction to build your own robots and what are the exciting possibilities? 10 mins
  • Build a PiBot or TiddlyBot from a Kit of Parts 40 mins
  • Break 10 mins
  • Part two Programming the robots. Either with a beginners Blockly interface or alternativly with Python 40 mins
  • Robot Games! 20 mins
  • END

Joining a workshop takes 3 simple steps ...

  • Sign Up

    Let us know your interested by logging your email a few details.

  • Time + Location

    We'll suggests dates and a venue and ask if you can make it.

  • Book a Place

    Finally reserve a place through an online booking.

Sign Up:

The workshop experience costs £8 per head and times will be offered during the summer holidays. After you sign up we'll suggest some dates and venues when we have enough people in your area to run a group.

Workshop dates

Exact Dates and locations to be confirmed. Please check back soon for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

While it will certainly help to have some experience with Raspberry Pi this is not essential. The workshops are designed to be friendly to complete beginners while offering a lot to more advanced users at the same time.

The recommended age for the workshop is 9 to 99, but we accept kids younger than this if they are capable. If there's a query about age then feel free to ask.

No! Many of our initial workshops have been (hence more kids in the photos) though this is not our aim. We're happy to teach anyone who wants to learn about technology and the content of the workshops should appeal to all ages.

Of course. The workshops run well with both parents and their children attending.

Our passion is teaching new technologies, however we need to charge a small fee to remain sustainable.